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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2011 5:52am-6:22am EDT

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plants might. in fact there are more than seventy different rare breeds in the gardens and susana was happy to show me some of her favorites. can you feel it's. that's right smells it's. there around twenty full time staff here but they can always do with one hand and not many cycles put my own tiny sapling in the ground this this little naipaul tree is one of more than forty thousand trees that have all been close and by hands and hopefully if you to come back it will still be here giving say to president locals. slightly. annoyed.
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unfortunately my time in the city was coming to an end but there was one group of local hero because i really wanted to meet. the people here love the combine river which runs right through the president but it can also be a dangerous place there up to a point accidents a day on the water during the summer season but that's what question it does river rescue service is here for. oh i was here to see what sort of challenges i face. yes once i changed into my official rescue ranger gear we were ready to head on to the river. and now this is a typical day we're on patrol but you're right you only want to do is go down the cuban river all the way to places where bathing is allowed and most importantly where it's not allowed to. shoot the problem is that there is a very strong current in the cuban river and swimming can be very dangerous. some
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people try to do it when they're under the influence of alcohol. teenagers over there for instance but as the pope drove past they seem to change their minds pretty quickly. you guys are they're just hard to put that plays back on. the tour and his colleagues normally patrol a forty kilometer stretch but today the public will obey movements of the river. because it never hurts to issue a gentle reminder to everyone having a nice time don't go. don't go. see and nobody's going swimming to see how impressed they are with all authority. runs you there were one or two people who did look like they were getting ready to hold themselves. future victims. but. a little been very quiet as us things were about to get interesting. well
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everyone's been doing very well behaved out in the living state but to go as he still needs training which means they need a victim. class markets. it's a little difficult to do a good impression of a drowning man in a highly buoyant suits but i do try my best and that river was not. so good oh. oh fortunately i was only scrushy around for a minute or two before i was free to safety.
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another soul saved by the close knit. dress you service. exactly recommend the dry season. i was happy to be out of the ocean but i was genuinely sad to be leaving. outside of moscow in st petersburg it's the most well maintained city are seen in russia and when i think i could genuinely live. with you looking at the beautiful books so-called schools in action just genuine cause such culture and hospitality has little personal. mission free i couldn't take the free lunch for charges free. range
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ones free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog party dot com.
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in turn i know she's available in the field bankole can see i'm sweaty joe so if it's a look she hotels bangkok's one on the man booker told frankel the reward he gave her turns cost him one frances her gentle marriage cool shot her child been killed by your piece we heard children called the imperial queen's full cotto married results and spun its own shores in photo new supply and spun decide from her job golden cliff results in the front lines you know to be a one year old to such an atari discovery be church and children to tell results to see mantra pure results to sift through barracuda build a magickal who turned out ok renaissance photo ok roles we take from pacific silver
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missiles and spawn. in israel look she's available in some hotel to a period in hotel jerusalem. in your old car seizing libya balance provide freedom on a small present that people say they're afraid any criticism of the new governments we met with severe punishment. france and germany sound sound cools the greens to be kicked out of the euro zone is good but after that story it seems announcing a major financial crash springs concern. is close to hands. and else he travels norway's spirit spagetti author pavlik island area that used to be the north of the front in the cold war but is not coming up thanks to russia's volatile the odds.
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are welcome to you this is all see a line from moscow the leaders of france and britain are in tripoli a high profile show of. support for the regime that means help and empower on the eve of their visit the head of the national transitional council asked for more weapons to fight pockets of colonel gadhafi loyalists still in their strongholds the rebel government thinks the ousted dictator is hiding in southern libya and planning a fight back however the new war already is asserting an increasing level of control over the country song that's cause for celebration but is. found out others aren't so optimistic. and months after tripoli fell into rebels hands those who back the old regime remain defiant but fearful in parts of the city the rebels triumphant campaign feels like it's never happened or did so somewhere else.
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we will do anything from our own new memoir even if we have to give our own lives. so when support for the ousted leader it is solved once they see our camera yeah. that was a weird but it's how the camera why. it's the same situation with others two. hundred percent good we don't want this revolution we don't know the rebels we want them to go away. we are from television so that it fell in on camera no no thanks if i paid front of the camera they will send a bullet to where. the criminals you don't know them you call them the rebels hey guys do you remember they have the black guy he was arrested a few days ago after here appearing on t.v. don't do that new flags new slogans new speeches. the rebels were out celebrating again this week when they had of the national transitional council
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members new authority arise in the capital before large crowds even libyans in no doubt about who's really. the those who don't support mr fogg those of you and who we used to see all across the city proudly waving green flags just weeks ago backing khadafi now trying not to leave their own backyards. with. you very. tough it is affectively gun then you also have settled down here in the capital tripoli people are chanting that is new free country but it seems that there is at least one thing that still remains of all the bear fear. one youngster finally agrees to talk. tripoli is now under the control of the national
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transitional council and we don't feel we have freedom to talk or to. so opinion if we see something in favor of gadhafi they can kill us and restless of course money or in fear. the nineteen year old says many of his friends have been arrested recently for making critical statements about a new regime ironically we're talking just a kilometer away from one of the darkest top secret jails for political prisoners known as abu salim. the rebels they only represent themselves not the libyan people this revolution started with killings to intimidate through fear their hands are covered in blogs amnesty international has recently accused both conduct his regime and the one which replaced it of committing war crimes including killings and torture of military prisoners and civilians these are being felt by a some here that's more his in-store. notion r t tripoli
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libya or the u.s. says it's working with rebels to find conventional and chemical weapons are currently missing. it's feared some could end up in the hands of terrorists james them as our london based rational middle east politics and security issue says there are parallels with. the really dangerous scenario similar to what happened in iraq and. a very weaponized society people with automatic weapons in their homes as well as the looting of large scale military grade. mortars and even materials of components of potential chemical weapons this is a very dangerous and are considering the numbers of groups operating in libya present the fluid nature of the situation so i believe that the transitional national council their first job is of course to finish off the writing in the areas that are still holding out their second job is to give themselves legitimacy
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by beginning the electoral cycle and undergo i repaired a really is to prevent weapons perforation across the country that's a very difficult job. more opinions are reports on the timeline of the libyan revolution just one click away if you would all dog home of the lakes all based on the story checked out on twitter and facebook posts on. the leaders of france and germany have declared the greece is future lies with the year right back comments come as the second bailout athens is that it its loans
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joins to avoid a disastrous to fold hangs in the balance missed deadlines and a full scale war session left little patience for greece among its neighbors that now threatening to stop payments in fact old economy economists are also pessimistic calls to athens to drop out of the euro zone a building and as a columnist analysts it's a weekly puffiness tells our team the future of greece is starting to care and that carries potentially grave consequences for the chemical financial system. we're hearing a lot more rumors about of the fraud which is frightening but i think the most likely scenario is that again kick the can down the road france and merkel have been saying france germany and angela merkel i didn't how about how they want to wait until at least twenty thirteen when the european stability. mechanism is in place so they have some sort of institutional framework to go with with a bailout so i think that eventually greece will default but i think that if i
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could have happened on october seventeenth they're not addressing they're not creating a scenario where greece or greeks can say ok in five years and seven years whatever we have a viable plan to exit this this large burden and go back into growth because right now the greek economy is in a collapse mode so there's no way they can service this that a lot of the american banks were on the other side of these derivative feel so they were ensuring that there was on the books the books of european banks so that in the event of a default the european banks would yeah they would they would lose out on their bonds but then they would go to the american back and say give us the money because when you wrote the insurance so the u.s. banks would be on the hook because they were it's an empire that has the imperial curd see. a year. on exactly three years ago. and americans. lehman brothers to bankruptcy. why did you know the crisis it's still a great day but how the lessons are really. street cleaning brothers has filed for
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bankruptcy stocks all around the world are taking because of the crisis on wall street the more things change the more they stay the same towel lehman's bankruptcy filing really changed the landscape of the entire banking industry in two thousand and eight wall street's bad bets and risky speculation led to the collapse of america's housing market and a financial crisis around the globe today banks have grown more powerful and profitable while the threat of a double dip recession has deepened if part of the problem was too big to fail and of part of the problem was high dependence on the financial sector if you fast forward three years we have even bigger financial institutions on which we're at least equally dependent so the structural problems are probably worse and certainly not a whole lot better washington sieved wall street with nearly one trillion dollars in government bailouts yet in the past three years critics say that washington has failed to effectively regulate wall street the financial industry can still trade
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brundle debt and bet the same way it did thirty six months ago are still. the only differences in their words it's because. has been trillions of dollars worth of those different the subsidies that were really a worse position than we were. america's great recession has chipped away at the middle class exacerbated homelessness and resulted in at least fourteen million unemployed citizens. just last month zero jobs not one was creed meantime wall street executives broke records last year pulling in one hundred forty nine billion dollars in pay in compensation according to analysts the u.s. is approaching its highest level of inequality since world war one if you're not in the top ten or twenty percent you're significantly poorer than you were in two thousand and eight. and in two thousand and eight you were making one fifteenth as
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much money as the wealthiest people in the united states we've seen you know corporate profits profits record breaking profits in some cases three years after the crisis and why is that they're taking the risks with investor you know investors' money depositors' money that they were taking before and why because they know they'll be bailed out if there's a problem in two thousand and eight u.s. credit agencies fail to forecast the problem reading lehman as a secure investment just one week before its historic bankruptcy very little change with their business model the only thing that really has changed is that there's once more skepticism towards them the plot some lehman brothers ignited a perfect storm of economic distress in the around the world yet three years later problems that caused the crisis remain on song many economists are predicting that this means another economic collapse isn't just probable it's inevitable.
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artsy. one has the world labors to avoid a dreaded double dip recession things are looking much pride on wall street the construction of a cable between new york and london will speed up market trades of six milliseconds. roughly one hundred million dollars more nano profits for big investors and that's not sitting well with aussie financial kaiser. it is high frequency trading and this three hundred million pound project i mean high frequency trading is looting ok now this is what i don't understand why david cameron in the u.k. he castigates the looters and the rioters but all they're doing is emulating j.p. morgan bankers they're looting this is a high frequency trading looting and they're getting the government they're getting these people who are losing you know sticks of juicy fruit going on the street because they're having their money stolen to pay for high frequency trading looting of course they're going to be looting of course you invited this into your own
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homes because you support looters at the banks in the city of loaded because david cameron lives alluding he is in fact a terrorist as well they say that not to be clear but i say that as a point of fact cameroon and all born are terrorist or financial terrorists. and the cast of kinds report at eleven thirty g.m.t. here on our team. now russia's election season is only just underway but the first scandals already here one we policy with high hopes for the upcoming polls has already lost its super rich leader and figureheads political bickering i was he's company gradually heard spain's. plus a ninety businessman who is considering going into politics could learn from the sea change help broker of sprite cause parties that a successful businessman does not necessarily equal a successful politician trying to several months
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a very ambitious police call compay than just two and a half months before the parliamentary election in russia it's a malicious later billionaire only hope broker of such a journalist today that he quits the ranks of the party along with bt other members and he also spiced up the news with some very strong claims allegations that there were attempts by raiders as he called them to take control of the party and this is what caused the clutches in its ranks and he said that those raiders working ministration of the president on but you'll be talking to mr big bet if and putin personally and will come up with an ultimatum but those people those probably caters should leave the cromlech well there is strong allegations a very bold step for a person who's only made first steps on a political arena but what we're seeing is actually called on clashes in the ranks of a political force and sadly this has become somewhat over but tradition with russia's right wing forces and now that me how probably of the leaves the ranks of the party
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is no longer its leader it's not clear what part of the electorate the right cause will be you arrange it all and secondly it's interesting what will happen with all the money which i proffer of supported invested into these projects and we are talking about some thirty million dollars. of such a day that we'll be doing all he has passed to pull the money out of the party now that he's left and he'll be forming a new political force well we'll wait and see what will be the future of yet another movement of this billion or turn politician. i'll turn sions are increasing and authorities in the breakaway regional planning a new attempt to take. border crossings in the dominated north of previous attempts interline resulted in clashes in which policemen that was killed here has called for an emergency un security council meeting to possible repeat the large scale unrest costco's prime minister has responded by accusing serbs of plotting violence
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and russia's representative to the un told r.t. gives an afghan forces in the region seem to be taking sides and that is helping the balance of the situation but the interview with it had a turkey in this coming up in fifteen minutes time but his. intention was announced by a because of being you know sort of his and prishtina basically all world northern cause of what by force we are saving all sorts of arrangements because times situation of the administrative war between the serbia proper and the problems of course of what may create clashes and crisis here and another very disturbing element in the situation is that the international presence is there which are there in order to preserve peace they seem to be cooperated with. of course all being in a sort of this so we hope that this meeting is going to pick place in order to prevent holes dramatic images of development soon course of the book to me this will be a reality check on whether indeed it was security guards or we in the united nations
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are interested in preventing disputes and peaceful mediation. sometimes you have to leave russia if you want to get to know it better this week a special series of policies russia close the reports come from outside the country noways spitzbergen archipelago. around a third of its territory having developed a remote coal mining means in its period a third of way to went there found out following the collapse of the u.s.s.r. the area has actually become more important for russia. cluster of violence between the devil and they gave lucy put the use to sarge pittsburgh an archipelago was a lot like puerto rico for the us not entirely its own yet not fool for in a form of calls between north america and western europe and as many hold a future base for the russian advance in the arctic yet just
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a few words about this monument in. their lives of course. was full of. the most western tourists this morning meant is a testament to the failed soviet ambitions the town of barons worked once a flourishing mining community is in his sorest they. get behind this peeling for sod one can also see a freshly painted writing on the wall the russians and a living in fact they're back. it's a russian birthright to be here. if the second summer in a row that it doesn't interest him cough a standing on his bergen decorating this kindergarten the fiction of russia as an arc is not to project an image of an unshakable state emerging from dire straits of history in a time that still experiences difficulties with running water and electricity this choice of priorities would have been questionable if it wasn't geo politically
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timely it was. there was a time when the soviet union was feared and respected you can't turn back time but russia should also position itself as a strong state people who visit parents should feel like they've stepped on russian soil. technically that's already the case russian settlements and speeds gergen have greener grass because of the several loads of black soil that was brought here from siberia in soviet times legally belongs to norway and nine hundred twenty agreement guarantees its signature is the right to conduct industrial activity on the archipelago an option for you to. only by moscow that for decades has been mining coal here. coal produced here has always been afraid it expensive but that can solve it time there is not an issue of economics but rather politics plus the needed to maintain its mining base here it is bergen at any cost but our production volumes have just
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a fraction of what they used to meet but for one thing any russian presence here is still considered a matter of strategic warheads soviet methods die hard the mines equipment hasn't changed much in the last fifty years while the athlete composition of the workforce could make so the other feel solvent nostalgia about the symmetry of i'm twenty seven years old so i don't have clear memories of the soviet union but i do system it spirit is very well preserved here we have people here from ukraine will rue central asia and we all feel like citizens of one country ironically attitude toward the mines profitability is also inherently soviet it's been a loss making venture for decades here increasing its efficiency is politically inconvenient what we. call money is what allows russia to the president's speech program to be profitable when you combine three times as much calls we do now but since the posits are finite we have to go slow. meanwhile russia has notably
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increased funding of scientific extraditions and spitzbergen and in africa to explore the archipelagos natural reaches. you get the baton why is a geologist who first arrived in baron's work in the early eighty's the collapse of the soviet union in trade geology for business but the recent afternoon state funding allowed him to come back as being the. key to all the arctic geographically it's a place where the global weather is being formed jus logically ground for science and money in its oil gas and other minerals it's a place we simply can't afford to lose. and. this country seems to agree i think we got our key worksheets bergen archipelago and. some other international headlines this hour and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has vowed not to retreat for plans to push the state to the u.n. next week after i report that the palestinian leadership.


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